Indigo’s Royal Grace is a compact, but proper little mare.  She is 13.3H, but is beautifully build and retains her gorgeous, shiny black coat even through the summer.  She carries the LP gene, which she inherited from her sire, Indigo’s Royal Knight.  Her dam is Black Beauty and her grandsire is The Rocking Horse.  Gracie is bred to a black silver dapple stallion for an April 2015 foal.  Offered without her foal $10,000. or as a package after she foals.

Indigo’s Royal Abbeghail is our youngest, yet largest, horse on the farm.  At just 2.5 years old she is 15.3 H.  Her dam is the lovely Guthrie’s Tyler and her sire is the one and only Indigo’s Royal Knight.  Abbie, as she is known around the barn, also carries the LP gene.  This girl has the most willing disposition we have ever encountered.  She moves with profound grace and agility as she floats across the landscape.  She is loaded with silky feather tail and mane.  Abbie has already demonstrated her ability in the show ring at the Buckeye Baroque (Ohio), the Feathered Horse Classics, as well as several local shows.  Abbie is currently listed for sale.  $ 12,000.

Ruthie Finn is our farm “princess”, or at least she thinks she is.  She is a lovely gray appaloosa with a blanket of white and black spots.  She can boast of her ancestry grandsires, Dunbrody and Indigo’s Royal Knight.  She is tiny at only 13H, but has lovely conformation, a tiny head and ears creating lovely proportion for her size.  She would make an adorable cart horse, certainly standing out in the crowd.   Offered at $10,000. 
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Rende as well call him, is chestnut and white and has mane, tail and feather expected in a stallion.  His conformation is very proper, as is his kind personality and disposition.  This stallion is truly gypsy royalty!  On his sire, Clononeen White Desert Prince’s side are:  Clononeen Darrig, Clononeen Isabel; The Business (aka The Boss) and on his dam, Lion Queen’s side are:  Lion King, Son of Robert Watsons Old Horse; The PO Mare, Sid’s Good Stallion, Black Forest Babydoll and Bonny Lass.

Frankie is our stunning and sweet, buckskin and white gelding sired by Love Biscuit out of  Tarnation. 

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Sire of Ruthie
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